Allison Transmission

Tools + Diagnostics

Allison Transmission is dedicated to providing our customers and technicians with the latest technical information and resources. All Allison Authorized facilities have the right tools, training and parts. Given their extensive experience and knowledge, they are always your first choice to properly service your Allison Automatic.

We invest daily in our tools and training to help ensure that you will see the full value of your investment in our product. Allison provides all of our technicians with the right tools specified for your Allison Automatic, as well as extensive knowledge through our online service tools portals.

When it comes to diagnostics or preventative maintenance, Allison’s electronic diagnostic system, Allison DOC Universal, is critical in making the right call. Allison has developed DOC Universal to meet the needs of our technicians. This tool allows them to monitor and review all the control systems that are critical to the operation of your Allison Automatic. Every Allison Authorized facility and technician is required to achieve and maintain proficiency with Allison DOC Universal to be part of the Allison Service Network. 

For more information on Allison service Tools + Diagnostics, visit our online service tool portals.