Allison transmissions are driving improved fuel economies and enhanced operational outcomes in coaches across the globe. Our fully automatic transmission takes away driver distraction and removes cumbersome shifting so the driver can focus on handling and maneuvering the coach, especially critical in heavy traffic situations and narrow roadways.

Allison offers a complete range of fully automatic transmissions for coaches. From smooth shifting and excellent fuel economy to proven durability, Allison has worked consistently to design and build transmissions to equip the world’s finest coaches.

Superior Comfort and Control

  • Improved fuel economies
  • Enhanced driver control
  • Superior passenger comfort
  • Smooth maneuvering on city streets, around traffic and in difficult parking conditions

Available Technologies

  • Continuous Power Technology™
  • Prognostics
  • Retarder Benefits
  • Secondary Shift Schedule
  • Direction Change Enabled
  • Auxiliary Function Range Inhibit
  • Shift Energy Management
  • FuelSense® 2.0
  • Hybrid


Discover the Allison Advantage

Download our Coach brochure.

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