Allison Approved Fluids

Engineered To Deliver Superior Performance

At Allison Transmission, quality isn’t just a goal. It’s a promise—a promise to engineer the highest quality transmissions in the world. But this promise doesn’t end after the transmissions are sold. Allison ensures that our high quality transmissions endure with Allison approved transmission fluids.

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Long Live Your Allison Transmission

Why are Allison TES 295® approved transmission fluids the best option for Allison Automatics? Because the specification was developed by people who know Allison best. Allison TES 295 approved fluids provide extended drain intervals and offer thermal and viscosity advantages over conventional petroleum based fluids, as well as other synthetic fluids. All Allison TES 295 approved fluids are synthetic based which offer improved viscosity that other fluids can’t offer.

Only Allison approved transmission fluids are formulated for the unique components of an Allison Automatic. Allison Transmission has developed a fluid and filter calculator, which provides change interval information.

The Benefits of TES 295

When you use Allison approved fluids, you are making the smart choice:

  • Extended Drain Intervals
  • Enhanced Transmission Performance
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Offers Optimum Transmission Protection
  • Backed by an Allison Factory Warranty
  • Supported by Allison Global Service Network

Watch how regular fluid changes with Allison approved fluids can help extend the life of your transmission.

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Allison Fluids Brochure

Discover the Allison Advantage

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