History and Heritage - Allison Service Co.

Looking Back

When James A. Allison established what is now a world leader in innovative, reliable and hard-working technology advancements, he started with the philosophy of quality and unmatched workmanship that Allison Transmission still delivers today.

From the beginning, Allison has strived to improve the way the world works, whether fine-tuning early racing and aircraft engines or creating the world’s first fully automatic transmission.

Our commitment to our customers and ability to keep their vehicles up and running is why vehicles powered by an Allison fully automatic transmission can be found on every continent doing everything from transporting school children, fighting fires or unlocking oil beneath the earth’s surface.


"Whatever leaves this shop over my name must be of the finest work possible."
James A. Allison

From Oval To Global

A legend in the Indianapolis 500 racing lore, James A. Allison was one of the four original founders of the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which opened in 1909. Allison went on to establish the Speedway Team Company to support his Indianapolis 500 racing activities, thereby laying the groundwork for the company that would become Allison Transmission.

Allison Speedway Company opened its doors with James A. Allison at the helm. Known for exceptional quality and workmanship, Allison challenged employees to deliver on this promise, “Whatever leaves this shop over my name must be of the finest work possible.”

During World War I, Allison committed his shop and resources to supporting the United States war effort.

The Speedway Team Company changed its name to Allison Engineering Company in 1920. In 1929, a year after the founder passed, Allison Engineering was sold to GM.


Allison continued to introduced innovative fuel-saving technology including the TC10® transmission in 2013 followed by FuelSense® in 2014. Today, Allison Transmission is the largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in the world.